We want to express special gratitude toward the people who helped and showed up on such short notice to share their earthquake stories. Cheryl Nankervis, from the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce referred Jason from KESQ to the MBHS and also helped in finding people to share their stories; Thank You Jeff & Kerry Drozd and Danny Paul (who made the news clip). Another shout out goes to Maryann Barkley, who rallied the troops into action. Bringing her daughter Marilyn (who also made the show) and husband Don, Peggy & Art Knapp and Betty Butler - Loved the tee-shirt Betty. All of you had fabulous stories but, unfortunately not all of them made the news. Roxanne and I enjoyed meeting and talking to each of you. It was a very special day and we are grateful you all came to be part of it. We look forward to a time when we can once again come together so that MBHS can record and document YOUR stories for future generation. I must say that it was difficult finding people to participate in this 20yr earthquake story. Since 1992 many have passed on, or have developed medical issues making it difficult for them to communicate. Soon many first hand experiences will be lost to time. It's very important for the Historical Society to document and collect photos and memorabilia for future stories. PLEASE HELP US - give your photos, memorabilia or documents (or copies) that you no longer want or need. Please don't throw them away. Your memories play a vital role in keeping the history of the Morongo Basin alive. Contact us if you would like to contribute or want more information.
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